Senior Walking Season Started with Fall in Arizona

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Seniors walking season has started with the beginning of fall on September 22nd, 2017. One of the advantages of living in Arizona is the great afternoons during fall. Seniors in the Valley are planning to start their afternoon walks, and there are many reasons why we should encourage this activity.

Walking at least 30 minutes a day have numerous benefits. According to several researches done by prestigious universities such as Harvard, and organizations like the American Medical Association, seniors should incorporate physical activities during their daily routines to improve their health and to continue performing basic tasks for years to come. Tasks such as eating, bathing, showering, dressing, or using the toilet without assistance may become difficult if seniors live a sedentary life.

At AlwaysOn Healthcare we have taken the time to gather some information for you, we believe that information gives power to our clients and their families, our main goal is to provide our members with tools to live a happy-healthy life.

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How to start a program for seniors walking

Consult with a doctor prior initiating any physical activity, then look for a safe route and if possible speak with other people that may want to join. It is not necessary to start doing 30 minutes a day, you can start small and begin by walking outside your home, take a few steps out and once you feel a bit tired, return back home. Little by little the walks will last longer.

Benefits of walking during the golden years:

  • Improves circulation.
  • Shores up your bones.
  • Walking leads to a longer healthier life
  • Mood improvement
  • Weight loss
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Improves sleep
  • Supports your joints
  • Walking increases energy
  • Blood circulation increases the ability to heal.
  • Walking slows mental decline on seniors
  • Walking lowers Alzheimer’s risk

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