Deciding on a home care agency doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming.
Here are some reviews from our clients about the care and support they’ve received from AlwaysOn 24 Hour Home Care.

“They were available right away when I needed somebody initially. I was able to contact them more than anybody else. I thought they were professional. I thought that the caregivers handled themselves very well and helped me when I needed help. They did whatever I needed done without any problem. They drove, straightened up and helped me do things, whatever it was at that time. I’m now able to handle the things myself now. I used them when I had a hip replacement and I needed help back then. I thought that they really did an excellent job and I would use them again when needed and will recommend them to others.”

– Judy

I needed temporary staffing and AlwaysOn Home Care Health Care was the name they gave me. Their caregivers are kind and caring. They are educated and very good at what they do. I have used them to care for my mom at the same time I have used them at my job. They’re very professional. My mother needed and still needs 24-hour care because she fell and broke her hip. So they’ve done everything that she needs them to do as far as her ADLs at the same time working hard with her to try to make her more independent.

– Melinda

I decided to give AlwaysOn Home Care Health Care a try. Denise is wonderful. She’s always cheerful and upbeat. She even bought me a juice drink because she thought I need to eat more. If I have a doctor’s appointment, she drives me safely. She has also a good sense of humor. She doesn’t use her cellphone inside the car. I feel very safe with her. She’s an ideal employee.

– Peggy

I have Jamie as my caregiver. She helps me with my shopping because I can no longer see the labels and makes sure that I don’t buy the wrong food. She is well trained to know exactly what I need. I haven’t had any problems with them. They told me they would never raise their price and they don’t. I need very little care mainly just someone to accompany me shopping. With my age she always holds me so that I won’t fall and I appreciate that. Sidewalks are not always even and I don’t see curbs well as I used to.

I imagine that the management of AlwaysOn Home Care Health Care is good. I can tell from the girls who take me shopping. They are very knowledgeable and they understand a whole lot about health care. I have been using their service for about 2 years.

– Dorothy

I have had a positive experience with AlwaysOn because every time the caregiver comes, she’s always professional, and always has a wonderful sense of humor to make every visit a good time! The service is great from the caregiver to the staff; they take care of matters and answer any questions in a timely manner. I was so fortunate to have my daughter find a company that cares and provides great services! I would definitely refer my friends and family to AlwaysOn Healthcare!

– Dorothy S.


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